Neranxi is the largest company on importing raw materials for confectionery, gelato, pastry products, restaurants, Asian and Mexican foods, for bars and cocktail products, spices and dried fruits, plastic and aluminum packaging, equipment, production line for cake boxes, pizza, catering and disks, and other services in the alimentary and commercial industry. The company has a wide array of commercial warehouses and shops which provides distribution of the products we deal in Tirana and many districts where it has its derivatives...

  • Technical assistance in client environments
  • Specialization Courses for confetier,cook,baker
  • Samples of new products
  • Transport of goods
  • Specialized Clothing "Neranxi", hats, shirts, aprons
  • Product catalog
  • Posters

Fair 2015
26-27 Prill

This year the
professional fair
organized by
"Neranxi" company
coincided with the
23 anniversary
of this company.
The last professional fair at environments of our company was held on 26 to 27 April 2015. All visitors had the opportunity to become acquainted with the activity of the company "Neranxi", with innovations that this company consistently delivers and promotes in terms of raw materials for food industry, raw materials and products for restaurants, confectionaries, xhelateri, bars, supermarkets in a real celebration

Work with us

We become
supporter of
your business

If yes
think how to
open a new
business such as a restaurant, bar, fast food, catering, pizzeria, bakery, or want to expand your existing business, "Neranxi" will be on your side not only quality products but also technical assistance, sending our specialists in the specific field. You are welcome! Your success is our challenge